AuthorWordstruck! The Fun and Fascination of Language

Winner of three major book awards:

First Place in Humor/Comedy category, Next Generation Indie Book Awards
Finalist in Education/Academic category, Next Generation Indie Book Awards
Finalist in Reference, National Indie Excellence Awards

Sixty joyful reads on words, language, and culture to excite the brain, warm the heart, and tickle the funny bone.


Speaker/Talk Show Guest

on all aspects of words, language, and cultures

Sample topics:

How “hello” and “goodbye” were once very controversial words.

Foreign Language Acquisition at Any Age

The Myths about Learning Foreign Language–Blown out of the Water!

Why English Is a Mister Toad’s Wild Ride for Second Language Learners

Translations from Foreign to English: Pitfalls and Faux Pas

When English Fails: Untranslatables from Other Languages

Color Worldwide: As a Foreign Language, It Can Be Stranger than Farsi

Travel in Cuba: Go Now, For It Will Never Be the Same Again

The Wonders of the Bilingual Brain, Unfolding Every Day

Five Minutes a Day: Make Your Bilingual (and Any Other Dream) Come True

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Watch the Book Release Slideshow for Wordstruck! by Susanna Janssen on December 12, 2016.  Wordstruck! The Fun and Fascination of Language.


 A Word in Edgewise” about all thing on words, language, culture, and travel.

Foreign Language Educator

I am a professor emeritus of Spanish in American colleges and universities. I continue to teach Spanish and Italian, coach language learners on skill development, and develop learning resources to make foreign language acquisition practical, fun, and effective.